Software Giant To Ditch Windows 7 Mainstream Support

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With the launch of newer Windows versions, Microsoft has a huge task ahead in encouraging its users who are still clinging on to older versions of Windows to migrate to newer versions. This is not going to be easy for the world’s largest software maker. It took twelve long years to completely abandon Windows XP. Even after the Windows XP End of Support, there are many businesses and users who continue using the aging operating system for various reasons.

After Windows XP, it’s the turn of Window 7 mainstream support to cease. Microsoft has warned its customers regarding the end of mainstream support deadline for all versions of Windows 7. This means that except for the security updates, users will not receive free Windows 7 help and support or non-security hot fixes. To avail the Windows 7 help and support they will have to subscribe to various paid support options offered by the software giant.

This may come as a shock for many Windows 7 users. They have been urging Windows XP users to make the upgrade. Many Windows 7 users have a dislike for Window 8 for it’s difficult to absorb new user interface. The end of Windows 7 mainstream support will definitely be a wakeup call for them.

Microsoft Corporation will be ending the free mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. That very well means no more updated features and performance improvements. Those businesses or customers, who pay for Windows 7 support will continue to receive it. This news might bring relief to some of the businesses, who have recently upgraded or if they are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 OS.

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Now, speculation is rife that Microsoft may change its mind as the deadline approaches, considering the huge popularity of Windows 7. For instance, Microsoft supported Windows XP for 13 long years. However, this may not be the case for Windows 7 because the software maker is desperate to make its users switch to Windows 8 OS. So, that kind of extension is highly unlikely for Windows 7.

Users can still enjoy Windows 7 UI while using Windows 8. Windows 8 includes a complete version of Windows 7 UI, known by the name Desktop Mode. If you upgrade to Windows 8.1, it is possible to run Windows 7 UI in the Desktop Mode without going through the new-and-confusing Windows 8 UI in the operating system.

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Omni Tech Support Make Windows 7 look like a Mac OS X

Omnitech support guides you how to make a Windows 7 computer look more like a Mac OS X. Check out the procedure here:

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Changing The Windows 7 Logon Screen

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In the year 2009, Windows 7 was released as a successor to Windows Vista. Due to its features, the ability to perform fast, and the compatibility with the other programs, Windows 7 comes pre-installed in laptops and computers. People find the operating system to be user friendly and hence most of the people prefer Windows 7 to other operating systems. In case it is an old computer, you need to install it manually, as you get to purchase the operating system from the stores.

Most of the Windows 7 users were eventually got bored with the same Logon screen that they preferred if they could change it. However, not all know how to change the same and make it more attractive. To do this simple thing, all you need to know are very few basic steps. You can change the background image and customize the whole look of the screen. Here are few Windows 7 help instructions to change the Windows 7 Logon screen. All that you would need other than the steps is a picture that you prefer. Let it be of any type- JPG, GIF or PNG.

Instructions To Change The Logon Screen With The Registry Keys

  • Click on the Start Button to the lower left corner of the desktop. From the Start menu, you will find the Search button.
  • Type Regedit into the space provided to type and then hit Enter.
  • The Registry Window opens which consists of a collection of all the registry files. You can make use of the arrow keys on the keyboard for easy navigation.
  • Navigate to the registry key at HKEY\Software\Microsoft
    . You get to change the value of OEM Background, change the value to 1 in the input field.

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  • Now close the Registry editor, click the Start button once again and type in the search bar- %windir%\system32\oobe and hit Enter. Copy the image to the location that you prefer as the Logon screen. Right click on the empty space in the window and create a new folder with the name Info. Within this folder, create another folder called Backgrounds. Copy the image that you prefer to set as the Windows Logon screen to this location. Rename the image file as backgroundDefault.jpg.
  • Close down all the windows and restart your computer. When it Reboots, you will be able to view the Windows 7 Logon screen.

With these Windows 7 help tips, you will be able to change the Logon screen with ease. Contact our tech support desk for any other assistance.

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Steps To Insert Equations In A Word Document

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Many of you might be using Microsoft Word program just to compose documents. There are many features integrated in this program about which you may not be aware. It helps you to built mathematical equations using the Equation tools in it. According to Windows 7 help blogs, you can create new equations or edit equations in the document. In this post, we will take you through the steps involved in these processes.

Creating new equation

  • Open the Word program and click the place where you wish to insert the equation.
  • Choose the tab Insert
  • Select the button for Equation. It will have the symbol for Pi over it. Once you select this button, the program places a new equation and launches the window for equation editor.
  • You may create the equation by inserting numbers, special characters etc. Numbers can be inserted by using the number keys on the keyboard. In order to insert special characters, you may use the menu for Symbols. Choose the one by clicking it and this will insert the symbol. If you want to insert special formulas, you may use the buttons present at the right end of the Ribbon. Select the symbols from the drop down menus and create your equation.
  • Click anywhere outside the equation box and this will close the tools. This will also hide the Design bar. The bar reappears when you choose the equation again.

Editing equation

Follow the steps below to edit the equation.

  • Select the equation, which you wish to edit. This will automatically show up the Design tab.
  • If the Design tab does not show up automatically, you may click on this option.

    Microsoft Word

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  • In order to edit the equation, you may use the structures, tools, and symbols under the tab.
  • When you finish editing the equation, click any section outside the equation.
  • In order to launch the Equation Editor, double-click the equation.
  • You may use the different tools in the equation editor to make necessary changes to the equation.
  • Once you finish making the changes, select a page outside the equation and this will close the window for Equation Editor.

With the above steps, you can insert an equation in the Word document and make necessary changes to it. For additional assistance on this issue, you may go through the Windows 7 help blogs on Word documents or contact our technical support team.

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Creating An Outbox In Outlook Express

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Outlook Express is an email manager program that is developed and marketed by Microsoft. The program is a cut down version of the Outlook personal manager program marketed by Microsoft. One of the issues with Outlook Express is that it sends emails automatically when you finish composing the emails. This will leave you no option for further editing of the emails, if some errors are found in it. This issue can be fixed if you do have an Outbox for storing finished emails that are ready to be sent.

If you do have an Outbox, all the finished emails will be sent to the Outbox and will be  stored there until you select to send the email message. This will allow you to make changes in the email if there are some errors in the composed mail. Here we discuss simple instructions from Outlook Express help site for creating an Outbox with the Outlook Express email manager program.


  • Launch the Outlook Express email manager program by double clicking on its icon found in the desktop. If the icon is not found in the desktop, click on the Start menu button and then on the All Programs tab. Now you will be able to see all the programs installed with the computer. Look for Outlook Express in it by scrolling down through the list and click on it when found to launch the program.
  • When the application window appears on the screen, Outlook Express help executives advice that you click on the Tools menu found at the top of the application window and then click on the Options tab in the drop down menu that appears on the screen.

    Personal Manager Program

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  • The Options window will now open up on the screen, click on the Send option found at the top of the window.
  • Outlook Express help and support team advises that you look for the option labeled as Send Messages Immediately in the window and then remove the check mark found in the check box next to the option.
  • Click on the OK button for saving the changes made to the program and then close the settings window to return to the main window.
  • Now you will be able to see a new folder named as Outbox in the left side pane of the program window.

If you follow the simple instructions given above, you will be able to create an Outbox for the Outlook Express email manager program with ease.

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