Microsoft Getting Ready To End Mainstream Support For Windows 7 By January 2015

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According to Windows 7 help center, Microsoft has decided to extend the end of mainstream support for Windows 7 operating system. However, Windows 7 help center says only Windows 7 Professional edition will be benefited from this, and the rest of the versions will have October 31st as the last day of support. As most of the Windows 7 customers use a Windows 7 Home Basic, Ultimate or Premium edition, the new move from Microsoft would not help ordinary users.

Various reports find that some of the OEMs are planning to bring back Windows 7 preinstalled in their PCs. However, as Microsoft is ending the mainstream support for the operating system, we are yet to find out how this would work out. Microsoft is focusing more on their newer operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Reports say that the company has already sold more than 200 million Windows 8 licenses to the businesses. This comes after the company stopped support of their Windows XP operating system.

The company says that it will stop the mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 14, 2015. After this date, users will receive only security fixes for the program. However, they would receive the security fixes until 2020. This means, you need not worry much about the operating system for the next six years. Windows 7 was released in the year 2009 and was the successor to Windows Vista. The poor performance of Windows Vista had forced Microsoft to build an operating system that is light on the hardware and offers good performance. Windows 7 met all the expectations of the software giant and was an instant hit.

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Some of the features of the operating system are handwriting recognition, better performance with multi-core processors, better boot speed, improvements in kernel, Direct access etc. The program came in six different editions, which are Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional and Ultimate editions. Among the various editions of Windows 7, only the Professional, Ultimate and Home Premium versions were available in all parts. The Enterprise edition was restricted to volume licensing in Enterprises while the Starter edition was provided only to the OEMs. The Basic edition was sold only in a few developing countries.

It is estimated that more than 51 percent of the computers around the world run on Windows 7. Therefore, it would be interesting to find out how the end of mainstream support could affect these users.

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Points To Consider When Upgrading Windows 7

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          Windows 7 upgrade

For all of you, who are not impressed with Windows 8 operating system, Windows 7 operating system will be your best option! The operating system is barely three years old and the end-of-support for this operating system is not scheduled to happen until 2020! If you were switching from Windows XP, Windows 7 would feel like having a similar interface. The only difference is the improved speed and stability that Windows 7 provides. If you are still stuck with Windows Vista, you will witness a world of difference in terms of speed! Windows 8 is only marginally powerful in comparison to Windows 7 and features a horrible interface.

If you want a computer for your daily needs that include playing media and browsing through internet, Windows 7 is just the operating system for you. However, if you want to run the latest PC games and other processor intensive programs that need to be updated from time to time, Windows 8 would be a more suited operating system. Does your PC feature 1 GB of RAM, 1 Ghz processor and at least 16 GB of available space in your hard-disk? Then, you do not need to upgrade the hardware and can easily purchase and install the 32-bit operating system. However, to utilize the full power of your operating system it is better to run a 64 bit Windows 7 operating system in a PC with minimum configuration of 2 GB of memory, 20 GB hard drive space and a 64-bit processor. If you are unsure whether Windows 7 will smoothly run in your system, you can contact our Windows 7 help line.

When upgrading, keep these tips in mind:

  • It is better to start the Windows 7 upgrade from the internet. Before installation, a small program will check if this operating system is completely compatible.

    64 bit Windows 7

                   Windows Upgrade tips

  • Windows 7 contains a revised version of Vista’s Easy Transfer tool. It is a nifty little tool, which gathers up all your data from the existing Windows version and transfers it to Windows 7.
  • If you are upgrading from Windows XP, you will have to reinstall all the third party software.
  • If you are running Windows Vista, you need to run the first service pack before you upgrade to Windows 7.
  • The entire process of updating will finish in less than an hour if you are running Windows Vista. However, if you are running Windows XP, the whole process is bound to take longer.

If you follow all these instructions, you will be able to upgrade without any hassles. Contact our Windows 7 help team, if you want further assistance.

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Windows 7 Exceeds 50% OS Market Share, Windows 8.1 Catching Up

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Windows 7 Has The Most Shares

In the month of May, there have been several variations concerning the operating system market shares. As the month has ended, let us look into the situation of the Windows operating systems and their stand in the market shares. According to the Windows 7 help desk, there is a rapid increase in the shares of Windows 7 in the operating systems market, while the shares of Windows XP are reducing in a slow pace.

As stated by NetApplications, there is a slight drop in the market share for the Windows XP operating system, while the latest Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are seeing a slight increase in the market shares. Windows 7 has exceeded over 50% of the market share and now it is the operating system with the most population in the market.

Windows 7 operating systems top with a market share of 50.06%, which has increased from the previous 49.27% share last month. The month before that, Windows 7 had a share of about 48.77%.

A combined share of both Windows 8 and windows 8.1 was about 12.64% of the share that has increased from the previous 12.24% share. When you look into the individual shares of Window 8 and Windows 8.1, it is about 6.29% and 6.36% respectively. The market shares were about 6.35% and 5.88% the last month for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 respectively. These were the combined and the individual shares of Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

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Windows Xp Shares Have Decreased

Now let us look into the shares of the Windows XP operating system, which ended support back in the month of April. It has a slight decrease of 25.27% of market share while it was about 26.29% the previous month. MAC OSX 10.9 holds a share of about 4.15% currently, while Linux holds a share of 1.62% share in the market. Comparatively, Windows Vista has a better market share of 2.90% than the share of Linux and MAC OSX 10.9.

A drop in the share of Windows XP is seen even though it is in a slow pace. Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 have also seen an increase in the marketshare. Nevertheless, the market share of Windows 7 is increasing much even when Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 are gaining popularity at a slow pace. If you need to get a more detailed and definite information on the market shares of different operating systems, contact the Windows 7 help desk.

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Software Giant To Ditch Windows 7 Mainstream Support

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With the launch of newer Windows versions, Microsoft has a huge task ahead in encouraging its users who are still clinging on to older versions of Windows to migrate to newer versions. This is not going to be easy for the world’s largest software maker. It took twelve long years to completely abandon Windows XP. Even after the Windows XP End of Support, there are many businesses and users who continue using the aging operating system for various reasons.

After Windows XP, it’s the turn of Window 7 mainstream support to cease. Microsoft has warned its customers regarding the end of mainstream support deadline for all versions of Windows 7. This means that except for the security updates, users will not receive free Windows 7 help and support or non-security hot fixes. To avail the Windows 7 help and support they will have to subscribe to various paid support options offered by the software giant.

This may come as a shock for many Windows 7 users. They have been urging Windows XP users to make the upgrade. Many Windows 7 users have a dislike for Window 8 for it’s difficult to absorb new user interface. The end of Windows 7 mainstream support will definitely be a wakeup call for them.

Microsoft Corporation will be ending the free mainstream support for Windows 7 on January 13, 2015. That very well means no more updated features and performance improvements. Those businesses or customers, who pay for Windows 7 support will continue to receive it. This news might bring relief to some of the businesses, who have recently upgraded or if they are planning to upgrade to Windows 7 OS.

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Now, speculation is rife that Microsoft may change its mind as the deadline approaches, considering the huge popularity of Windows 7. For instance, Microsoft supported Windows XP for 13 long years. However, this may not be the case for Windows 7 because the software maker is desperate to make its users switch to Windows 8 OS. So, that kind of extension is highly unlikely for Windows 7.

Users can still enjoy Windows 7 UI while using Windows 8. Windows 8 includes a complete version of Windows 7 UI, known by the name Desktop Mode. If you upgrade to Windows 8.1, it is possible to run Windows 7 UI in the Desktop Mode without going through the new-and-confusing Windows 8 UI in the operating system.

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Omni Tech Support Make Windows 7 look like a Mac OS X

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