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Minor flaws with the Internet Explorer can be experienced and this causes uneasiness for the users who use the web browser. The issues include not being able to show a page, pictures that are broken and so on. To fix Microsoft errors concerning the Internet Explorer, the below mentioned tips have to be promptly followed.

Steps to follow

  • Access the Start menu by clicking the Start button and choose Control Panel. Choose the option labeled Network and Internet Connections, and select Internet Options. Below the option that says Browsing History, choose Delete and below Temporary Internet Files, select Delete files….

Below Browsing History, choose Settings and adjust the browser cache size. Choose the range of 50-100 MB if the services of a broadband connection are being availed. Choose the range of 250- 1024 MB if the services of a dial up connection are being availed. Choose the tab by the name Advanced. Check mark the check box corresponding to Disable Script Debugging and choose the OK button.

  • Perform an update of the drivers of the video card that is available in your system. To perform the update, navigate to the manufacturer website and download the essential updates. After the successful download, install and perform a restart of the system.
  • Make use of an anti virus program and perform a virus scan to search for any threats that may be a potential and harm for your system. Perform a spyware scan also to make sure that no spywares are harming your system. Remove any threats if any.
  • Enable Automatic Windows updates. To do so, access the Start menu and choose the Control Panel. When the Control Panel window appears, choose Performance and Maintenance and select System. Choose the tab by the name Automatic Updates.

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  • If the Internet Explorer is causing a wide range of problems constantly, then fixing or reinstallation of the web browser should be done. To perform a reinstall, access the Windows folder and choose the Inf folder. Search and locate the ie.inf file and right click it and choose the install option. After the reinstallation is over, perform a reboot of the system.
  • If the Internet Explorer 7 is on board, access the browser, choose the Tools menu, and choose Internet Options. Choose the tab by the name Advanced. Choose Reset, which is below Reset Internet Explorer Settings. Choose Reset again that is seen in the dialog box.

By following the above mentioned tips, the Internet Explorer issues can easily be resolved. To avail professional help to fix Microsoft errors, contact our customer support center. The best solutions can be availed to fix Microsoft errors by contacting our customer support center.