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In a recent post in their Windows 7 help website, the Redmond based company Microsoft made it clear that they will be stopping the support services provided to their Windows 7 operating system soon. According to our sources in Microsoft, the news is true and the mainstream support provided for Windows 7 is set to end on Jan 13th of 2015. However, there is no need to panic now as the extended support for the operating system is still in place.

All Microsoft products have three types of end dates when it comes to support- mainstream support end date, extended support, and end of support. What happened with Windows XP was end of support, the last type, in which the product no longer receives any sort of support from the company. In mainstream support, the product will get security updates and changes in the user interface of the operating system. After the end of mainstream support, the operating system will no longer receive updates for the system. However, as long as the product is in the extended support period, it will get security patches from the company.

According to the news we get from the Windows 7 help website, Microsoft has decided to end the mainstream support provided to its most popular operating system in the market. Well there is nothing to worry with the end of mainstream support, as you will still be getting security patches and updates for keeping the system safe. The only issue that you would now have after the end of mainstream support is that you would have to pay to get support from Microsoft support centers.

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You got about six more years of service in front of you as the actual end of support for Windows 7 is scheduled to take place in January 2020, so stop worrying and relax, at least until the extended support ends. With so much hype about the end of support for Windows XP, most of the computer users forget about the end of support of the Office 2003 application. If you are still using the application, then you will be on your own when it comes to security.

If you are in confusion on whether or not to upgrade to Windows 7 from XP due to the news regarding end of support of the operating system, let it go and upgrade to Windows 7 as the new Windows 9 operating system is rumored to be a free upgrade for Windows 7 users.

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Removing Ask Toolbar From Chrome OS

Ask Toolbar Removal

Ask Toolbar

Keeping your computer devoid of unwanted plug-ins and bloatware helps you to ensure that your computer runs as smooth as possible. The Ask toolbar appears at the top of your web browser and can serve as a helpful search companion if you are using it. But it is not everyone’s cup of tea. The user will be able to remove the Ask toolbar from Google Chrome in a number of ways, including through the Windows 8 Add/Remove Programs and through the extensions panel in Google Chrome.

This article discusses the steps for the Ask toolbar removal process. You can follow these steps carefully to get rid of all the instances of Ask toolbar from your computer.

Uninstall Through Add/Remove Programs Prompt

The quickest and easiest way to get rid of the Ask toolbar is through the Add/Remove Programs prompt in the Control Panel of Windows 8 operating system. Right-click on the bottom left hand corner of your screen to launch the Context menu. From the options that are available, select Programs and Features to load the Add/Remove Programs prompt. From the list of installed programs, select Ask Toolbar and then click on the Uninstall button. Select Yes in the confirm box to confirm the removal process.

Remove Chrome Extension

Depending on how the Ask Toolbar was installed on your computer, you may also have to disable the toolbar through the Extension management panel in Google Chrome. To do this, click on the Menu icon that is located near the address bar in Google Chrome web browser. From the drop-down list, select Tools and then select Extensions. Uncheck the Enabled check box that is located near to the Ask toolbar to disable it. You can now close the Chrome tab to apply the changes that you have made.

Extensions Panel

Toolbar Removal Steps

Removal Utility

If the above steps do not completely remove the Ask toolbar from your computer, Ask recommends downloading and running a specialized utility that the company has developed specifically to address unsuccessful removal of the toolbar.

These are the steps for Ask toolbar removal. If you have any doubts or if you wish to know more on any of these steps, you can contact our tech support team. They will help you to finish the Ask toolbar removal process without getting any errors. You can also refer to the Ask toolbar removal modules that are posted in the official Microsoft website to know more on the steps.

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Microsoft Changes Privacy Policy

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The Redmond based software company updated its privacy agreement and according to the updated privacy statement, the company assures its users that it will not be collecting any form of information from the user’s personal emails for ad targeting. The company made it clear in the blog post in their Microsoft chat support website that they will not be snooping onto the privacy of their users for displaying apt ads. Microsoft chat support executives said that they would never access user’s email, chat, or voice calls to find what type of product the user likes for ad targeting.

If you read the privacy agreement from Microsoft, you would be able to see the above-mentioned facts in the section 3 of the privacy statement. This section is mentioned as Content in the privacy statement. If you would like to know only the part that contains Microsoft’s ad policies, navigate to the section 3.4 of the Services Agreement. In this part, the company makes it clear that they will not be using any sort of personal communication data like email, chat, video calls, or voice mail to advertise efficiently with the user. The company also makes it clear that in addition, they never use their user’s documents, photos or other personal files for selective ad marketing.

However, the company makes it clear in the next sub section that they would indeed use the data from the search queries and the data from voice enabled services. If you are using voice enable services, then you need to be careful as the company clearly states in their privacy statement that they would be recording and collecting voice inputs that you provide for improving voice enabled services. The company justifies this by stating that it is collected for improving the quality and accuracy of the voice enabled services.

Privacy Agreement

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However, before you get too excited about the new privacy policy, just remember that the policy will come onto effect only after July 31 of this year. According to Microsoft chat support team, the company decided to change their privacy policy due to the widespread protests against collection of data that was revealed by the former NSA analyst Edward Snowden. Ever since Snowden published the collection of personal data by government agencies, most of the online companies have been assuring their customers that their data is safe and protected against unauthorized access.

The drafting of the new privacy policy is also intended to assure the customers that their data is safe and private.

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Microsoft To Plug-Out Support For Windows 7

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In a recent post published on their Windows 7 help website, Microsoft made it clear that they will be pulling out the support for the Windows 7 operating system soon. It seems that the Redmond based company is now in stream of publishing the end of support dates of their products. The company made the end of support of Windows 7 public by releasing a document, which contained the name of all products that are nearing their end of support date. The list did contain the name of the world’s most popular operating system in the world.

Microsoft made it clear that the mainstream support for the Windows 7 operating system will come to end by Jan 13, 2015. However, there is nothing to worry with the news, as you will be able to get support for few more years as the extended support for the operating system ends only on Jan 13, 2020. However, the problem is that the users will be getting only security patches from 2015 Jan to 2020 Jan as extended support only provides security patches.

The company made it clear in the blog posted in the Windows 7 help site that they will not be providing any support for user interface related issues. The company posted the following statement in the website, “Extended Support lasts for 5 years and includes security updates at no cost, and paid hotfix support. Additionally, Microsoft will not accept requests for design changes or new features during the Extended Support phase.” This means that there is no need to worry about security issues with the operating system until January 13 of 2020.

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The company also posted that they will be ending the support provided for some other Windows products and software like Windows Server 2008, Windows Storage Server 2008, Dynamics C5 2010 and Dynamics NAV 2009. The phone operating system from Microsoft, Windows Embedded Handheld 6.5 is also in the list of products listed in the end of support document. Our sources from Microsoft confirm that all the above will be done in due time. All methods that Microsoft takes are seen as initiatives to increase the market share of the Windows 8.x operating systems.

Hope you got some idea about the end of support of Windows 7 and some other Windows products that you use extensively. In the light of the end of support news, it is better to go for Windows 8.x operating systems rather than the Windows 7 operating system.

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Outlook Plugin For Scheduling Google Hangouts Video Calls

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Microsoft Outlook is the most popular email application client released by the Redmond based company Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft has provided many features in each version of Outlook and they have regularly provided various plugins and updates, which further increase the features of the Outlook application. Outlook is much popular among both business and home users because of its user friendliness and the wide array of features provided. In addition, you can get apt help with Outlook when you face any issues in the program from its official website.

A Skype plugin for Microsoft Outlook was released by Microsoft recently and it helped the Outlook users to run the Skype application without needing to leave the window of Microsoft Outlook. Likewise, a new plugin was released by Google called Hangouts for Google Apps users. This can also be used by the users who use the Outlook application. Google, the Search Giant tweeted, “Schedule meetings in the blink of an eye with Google Apps shared calendars,”

Google explained that if a user downloads and installs this plugin, without leaving the Outlook tab that you are working on, you will be able to conduct, join and schedule video calls with your friends and family. This is in fact an interesting and an innovative move by the Search Giant, which may help the business users to a great extent. However, one of the officials at Google didn’t like the move by Microsoft when they brought a tool that will bring support for Google talks.

The plugin description reads, “Schedule a Hangouts video call with other Outlook users in your company with a single click. Join a scheduled Hangouts video call by opening the meeting in Outlook and clicking the Hangouts video call link.” Now, let’s look the features of the Hangouts plugin for Microsoft Outlook.

Skype Plugin

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  • From Microsoft Outlook, you will be able to conduct, join and schedule video calls from Hangouts.
  • With a single click, you can schedule a video call in Hangouts with other users in Microsoft Outlook.
  • By opening the meeting in Outlook and by clicking the Hangouts video call link, you will be able to join a scheduled video call.
  • It is compatible with Microsoft Outlook 2007, Microsoft Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 (32 bit and 64 bit).

For any help with Outlook plugins, feel free to contact our customer care desk. Our customer care center will be able to help you in clearing all doubts regarding help with Outlook plug-ins.

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