Procedure To Manually Uninstall Microsoft Updates In Windows 7

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Windows 7 is one of the most popular desktop operating systems at present dominating with over fifty percent of entire market share. Like most Microsoft developed products, even Windows 7 receives updates. And if there are issues with it, you might require uninstalling the patch. In this Windows 7 help guide, we will help you learn how to uninstall Microsoft Updates manually in Windows 7.

Steps to follow

First, you need to click on the Start button and then go to Control Panel. After that, click on Programs,and then select the View Installed Updates option under Programs and Features. This will open a list of installed updates in a panel.

After that, you can select an update that needs to be deleted and click on the Uninstall button for the removal process to start. If prompted, type in your administrator password and then click on Continue. Wait for the update to be removed from your system; in case you are prompted, you will need to reboot your system.

Alternatively, it is possible to view the update history for viewing and uninstalling a particular update as well. To do that, browse to Control Panel, and click on Windows Updates. Click on the View update history option located in the left hand panel of the pop-up window. If you wish to view more information about an update, you can double-click on it.

Uninstall Microsoft Updates

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If you wish to know that an update has been successfully removed from your system, you need to navigate to Control Panel, then Programs, and then Programs and Features. Then click on View installed updates button. Look for the update you have uninstalled in the displayed list. If you do not find the update in the list, you can be rest assured that it has been successfully removed from your system. If the update is still there, then you will need some potent software for the removal of the update.

If you want to install the update you accidentally deleted, click on the Check for updates link in Windows updates screen, and then open the View available updates option. Install the required ones, and restart the computer to allow the changes take effect.

This is all you need to know to uninstall the unwanted Microsoft updates in Windows 7. For more help with the same, contact our Windows 7 help team right away.

After Windows 8 Ban, Microsoft Continues Windows 7 Supply To The Chinese Government

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The Chinese market has always been difficult to manage for Microsoft. For one thing, the software piracy is quite rampant in the country with a significant percent of desktop users running pirated Windows OS on their systems. Last year, the Chinese government tried to convince Microsoft to extend the tech support services for Windows XP.

Soon after Microsoft ended the support for Windows XP, the Chinese Government officially banned Windows 8 from their offices and government organisations. Now, Microsoft is trying to come to some sort of a compromise with the Chinese Government by continuing to supply Windows 7 in that country.

Microsoft still hoping to get the Windows 8 ban revoked

Windows 7 still has five more years of Windows 7 help and support service left. This makes it an alternative OS that the Chinese Government officials can use, since China has not included Windows 7 in their banned operating systems list. They issued the ban on Windows 8 citing security issues.

Some experts point out that the decision might have something to do with the new cloud computing technologies that Microsoft has introduced in the new OS. This essentially enabled easy transfer of files as a backup file to be stored on cloud data servers located in different parts of the world accessible online. However, the Chinese Government did not specify the security issues they found in Windows 8 OS.

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Microsoft very much prefers the Chinese Government offices to make the transition to the new Windows 8 OS. However, since that is not possible, they intend to continue selling Windows 7 to them. This is despite the fact Microsoft is slowly phasing out the supply of Windows 7 OS in the rest of their global market. This is well in tune with their OS life cycle policy.

Since Windows 7 is all set to reach the end of its mainstream support soon, Microsoft has already stopped the supply of Windows 7 to their OEM partners. But, the Windows 7 help and support will continue in the form of extended support for five more years.

However, Microsoft might be forced to follow a different Windows 7 life cycle in China because of the Windows 8 ban. It is reported that half the desktop systems in China are still running on Windows XP. Let us hope that the Chinese Government would not ban Windows 10 as well, when it hits the market next year.

Windows 7 PC Retails Stopped

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          Windows 7 EOS

Windows 7 consumer PCs just got cut off from manufacturing. This is the next step in the popular OS disappearing from production. The version of it still out for sale is Windows 7 Professional, for businesses. Meanwhile, you can also lay hands on the deluxe edition by paying a premium fee. What we won’t be seeing anymore, are OEM licenses of the Home Basic, Home Premium and Ultimate versions.

Windows 8.1 is the current OS available from Microsoft, but many traditional users are uneasy about moving into unfamiliar territory. This platform has a Start screen instead of the iconic Start menu, and follows the Modern UI design approach. IT departments are typically loathe to embrace change of such proportions, but this remains the only way out with Windows set to be stricken off the list of patched operating systems. Another path would take them towards the upcoming Windows 10, but this would require waiting for the OS to launch.

There’s been no date set for Windows 7 Professional’s retail death, and there probably won’t be till Windows 10 comes out. Microsoft is making sure that people use the former until the newer version becomes available. Windows 8 hasn’t managed to collect too many users, and statistics show that most people are waiting it out till Windows 10 is here.

Manufacturers meanwhile are piling up their remaining Windows 7 OEM licenses for Christmas sales. Many have already started shipping Windows 8 with their machines, and don’t seem concerned about the Windows 7 being taken out of the picture. Windows 7 Home is still more popular in many quarters, and this popularity has translated into sales boosts.

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The current setup might not allow OEMs to get Windows 7 licenses, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t find systems to buy, with this OS preinstalled. There’s still some time for those to run out, but this would ride on the numbers that retailers are willing to horde for the moment. The next few weeks might not be the best time to buy a new Windows 7 PC, but come the holidays, you’ll see a deluge. Retailers probably have their deals drawn out for then.

The EOS scheduled for January does not mean that users can’t avail Windows 7 help and support. You can avail such services until 2020, up until which time, extended support will be provided by Microsoft. The performance updates will stop coming in, but you’ll still get regular Windows 7 help and security patches.

Touch Optimizations Make Windows 7 The Perfect OS For Tablets

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        Windows 7 Optimization

Windows 7 operating systems were rolled out in the year 2009, which is one of the most preferred Windows ecosystems so far. Even though Microsoft released Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows 7 is still the most preferred OS. Aero theme was one of the best features along with the Windows 7 help and support options. However, there are many more features and functions, which are very much commendable. Windows 7 users often complain that the operating system lacks proper tablet-optimization features.

However, the operating system might have features to run on a tablet; in the end, the system is designed for personal computers and hence they would work the best with PCs. Most of the programs and applications are designed in such a way that they would work better with a mouse and keyboard combination. For instance, let us look into the close button and minimize button to the upper right corner of every window on Windows 7. They are designed in such a way that they can be closed easily without any issues with the mouse. Suppose a tablet runs on Windows 7, when you try to close a program with your fingers, you will end up closing the wrong file.

In case you have been wondering if Windows 7 can work better on tabs, Justin Campana, one of the tab users, has found a solution for the same. With a set of docs and widgets, he has been able to optimize the way in which you can work on a Windows 7 tablet without any major troubles. Moreover, he has programmed a set of buttons to enable easy minimize, close, along with buttons for frequently used features. With this, people will be able to use the tablet neatly and effectively.

Optimize Windows 7

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Justin Campana had put up a video explaining about this latest optimization to enable Windows 7 use on tablets. People have said that it is interesting to see all that is in store regarding Windows 7 customization. Looks interesting right, head straight right away to have a look at the video. On the other hand, you can visit Justin Campana’s website to get an idea on how to optimize Windows 7 on your tablet.

In Justin Campana’s website, you will get more Windows 7 help on how to use it on a tablet. You may also check out the Windows 8 OS which is specifically designed for touch centric devices like tablets.

Microsoft Enhances Security Patches For Windows 8, Ignores Windows 7

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Windows platforms are popular among computer users all over the world. Keeping this fact in mind, Microsoft releases new platforms with enhanced features that make use of the latest technological advancements. They always focus on their latest platforms and give priority to promotional measures that could increase the sales of their fresh OS versions.

The same has been implemented in case of Windows 8.1. Microsoft released it last year and they have ensured that the platform provides the best security. They have provided latest security patches for Windows 8.1 and have ensured to offer the customers with the best protection. However, Windows 7 on the other hand is not as secure as Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. Apparently, about 50% of the entire computer world uses Windows 7. Still, Microsoft has left the platform vulnerable to threats.

This cannot be considered as a fair play from Microsoft, leaving a majority of people under various threats. People will definitely contact Windows 7 help team to enquire about problems regarding security patches. These can offer a temporary relief. However, it is definite that the Windows 7 help team would encourage the customers to go for Windows 8 that can offer the best protection.

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Microsoft is not ready to spend more money on their older platforms because they always wish to promote and support their latest editions. Hence, they are careful enough to bring new attractive features to their latest product line. Researchers have prepared a comparison tool to compare both Windows 8.1 and Windows 7. DiffRay Tool is one such tool, which helps to compare the two platforms. They are meant to compare libraries in these platforms. As per their new findings, security functions that are updated in Windows 8 are not done in Windows 7.

When the researchers informed Microsoft about their findings, a spokesperson said that Microsoft is working on developing new security updates for all its product lines and services. They are working towards developing new patches that can offer better security.

An official statement regarding why Microsoft did not provide a patch for Windows 7 when one for Windows 8 was released has not been released yet. However, let us hope that Microsoft will consider the huge market share Windows 7 has and offers proper security measures to protect the same.

Upgraded Tools Available In Windows 7

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Windows 7 is one of the most popular operating system ever launched by Microsoft and you can find millions depending on this platform for performing their various tasks. But what makes Windows 7 special? Well, let us learn more about what Microsoft has included in it that makes it quite special when compared to other platforms and versions. In case you face any issues with the OS or any of its features, you have the option to contact the official Windows 7 help and support team.

Windows 7 Calculator

You would find the Windows 7 calculator very much productive and well-designed. Users will find it quite easier to work on. The specialty of this calculator is that what you typed in will be saved and will be shown in the multi line display. You can either make use of the simple mode or the scientific mode as per your preference. Other than these two modes, the other modes available are programmer’s mode and statistics mode. This calculator has digital grouping feature and this makes it quite easier to go through long numbers. You will find special functions at the right side of the calculator.

The different functions that have been included in Windows 7 are data calculations, unit conversions, vehicle lease worksheet, mortgage worksheet, fuel consumption worksheets. These worksheets are simply magnificent and you can even expect a plug in for the group.

Windows 7 Microsoft Paint

You may forget the old design of Microsoft Paint when you see the new look. Among the different features available, Microsoft Paint upgrade can be treated as the most important one. The ribbon design of Paint has numerous features in it. You have different brushstrokes, text functions, crop tools, fonts for texts, and other features.

Multi Line Display

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Using Microsoft Paint will definitely turn to be a fun time as you can start using lines, alignment tools, shapes, graphics and annotating images. You can even make use of screen shots in MS Paint. You can get your design work using gridlines and rulers.

Windows 7 WordPad

This too has a ribbon, which makes it look new. WordPad is integrated with Paint and hence it is possible to insert pictures in it. It is quite easy to work on it, as formatting is much better than in the former versions.

Windows 7 features are way ahead of the league when compared to other OSs in the market. Contact our Windows 7 help and support team if you have any queries related to any tools or apps in Windows.

How To Choose Windows 7 Registry Cleaning Programs

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Windows 7 is the most used operating system in the world. More than fifty percent of the computers around the world have Windows 7 operating system installed in them. This shows the popularity of this operating system. Windows 7 is considered a simple operating system that has large number of features loaded in it. It uses minimum system resources and run smoothly on the hardware. The operating system also supports almost all hardware components and you rarely need to install the drivers for a hardware component.

Windows 7 help forums say, just like any other operating systems, Windows 7 has a registry. This is the place where thousands of registry codes are saved. These keys play a vital role in the smooth functioning of the computer and the different programs installed in it. All the settings associated with a program are stored in the Registry. Now, as you install more and more programs in your computer, the registry entries go up considerably. One of the things that you should note here is that when you uninstall a program from the computer, the registry entries are left behind. This leads to many errors with the program.

So, how can you clean the registry entries? As you all know, it is never easy to find out the unwanted registry entries manually. This is because there are thousands of entries and you will not be able to find out which entry is bad and which is good. Therefore, it is always advisable to download and install a registry-cleaning tool in your computer. The registry cleaning tools are designed to find out wrong or bad registry entries. All you need to do is run a scan of the registry using this tool and it will find out and display all the bad entries. You may remove the entries associated with the programs that you no longer use.

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Now, when you choose a registry cleaning software, make sure that you do a thorough research on these programs. You cannot blindly trust all these programs as some of them might not be of any good. Therefore, go through the reviews of two or more programs and choose the one, which suits you the best. You may compare the prices of the programs before you choose one. Keep in mind that you will find registry-cleaning programs free online. However, they might be lacking some major functions, which the paid versions have.

For further assistance on choosing ideal registry cleaning software, you may go through Windows 7 help forums or contact our technical support team.

Windows 7 News – PCs Preinstalled With Windows 7 To Fade Out Of View Soon

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If you are thinking about buying a brand new Personal Computer with Windows 7 pre-installed in it, then you don’t have much time left. The software giant seems to be in a hurry to abandon Windows 7, after Windows XP. We are talking about the latest Windows 7 related announcement. The software giant Microsoft Corporation will no longer be supplying certain versions of the OS to hardware partners from October 31 onwards. This is big news for Windows 7 users and people who are looking to migrate to Windows 7 from Windows XP.

After Halloween this year, the world’s leading software maker will stop sending copies of Windows 7 flavors such as Home Basic, Home Premium etc. For Windows 7 Pro, cut-off date is not yet announced.

This move shows that the software company is desperate to push the users to start using Windows 8. Ever since the end of support for Windows XP, the company had not made it a secret that they want majority of the users to migrate to the latest Windows 8. For encouraging Windows users to switch to Windows 8, the company has been offering special deals and price cuts. This not-so-subtle move to nudge users toward Windows 8 has annoyed many Windows 7 users. Many Windows 7 help forums have been flooding with angry messages from irate users.

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Windows 8 has not been successful even now. In fact, the number of users moving to Windows 8 is not increasing at the rate that the company prefers. Windows 8 has never succeeded in finding its footing since its 2012 launch. Recent NetMarketShare figures show that 13.4% of Personal Computer users are using Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. This when compared with 51.2% on Windows 7 is pretty unsatisfactory. In fact, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 have not even managed to surpass the 23.89% share of users running Windows XP.

The software maker had revealed earlier this year that it will be ending mainstream, free, official Windows 7 help and support on January 21, 2015. This means Windows 7 will enter its Extended Support period after that date. The OS will receive security updates and for the hotfix support, the users need to pay.

The software maker revealed the latest Windows OS Windows 10 as a preview/beta version. The official version of the latest OS will be available by next year.

How To Run Windows 7 Backup Tool?


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Windows 7 is often regarded as the most user-friendly and advanced operating system version, ever developed by Microsoft. After the demise of Windows XP, Windows 7 witnessed a large increase in the number of users who rejected Windows 8 and 8.1 and moved onto this OS version. According to the technicians at the Windows 7 help and support team, the operating system also comprises of an advanced feature known as Windows 7 backup utility.

Configuring Windows 7 backup program is simple and all you require is to follow these simple instructions:

  • In the first step, you need to right click on the drive in My Computer, where you want to have the backup. Now, you need to right click on it and then on the Properties option.
  • Next, you need to choose the Tools tab and then click on the Back up now button. You will get a window with a Set up Backup option, which you need to click on.
  • Next, choose the drive where you’d like to store the backup files. You need to review your back up settings once you have chosen the specific files you need to back up. Once you get the review backup window, check for the option to set the schedule for daily backup.


              Windows 7 Issues

  • In the next step, you can click on the Change schedule option if you want to set schedule. Here, you will find an option that will help you to choose how often you want the backup utility to run. After you set the required day and time, you need to click on the Ok option. Meanwhile, you can also contact the Windows 7 help and support team to know more about the features of Windows 7 and how to fix the common issues related to the OS.
  • For running the Windows 7 backup program, you need to click on the Save settings and run backup option. But if you have a lot of selected files, it will take some time for the tool to run. For restoring any file from back up, you need to just click on the backed up file or folder and then follow the on-screen instructions.

These instructions can help you to successfully use the Windows 7 backup utility in your system. To get more information on the same, feel free to contact our 24×7 Windows tech support team.

Should XP Users Migrate To Windows 7?

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For all intents and purposes, Windows XP is dead. You might be aware by now that Windows XP has been removed from the list of supported products by the software giant Microsoft. This means that Windows XP will not receive any sort of official technical support, feature updates, and security patches, either paid or free. The death of Windows XP happened more than six months ago, yet surprisingly many users continue using the old operating system for various purposes.

Actually, the reason for this may not be that difficult to understand if we analyze a few things closely. Windows XP is without a shadow of doubt the most familiar OS for every Windows users. No one can argue on that fact. Thirteen years is in no way a short period of time when it comes to the life cycle of a software.

Windows XP outlived many other software products. In fact, Windows XP is still the second most popular operating system in the world, as per the desktop OS market share statistics. This means millions of users across the planet are still using Windows XP. The familiarity is huge and it is hard to go away any time soon. Probably this is why experts assume that Windows XP will stay in the software world for another two years.

Death Of Windows XP

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Another possible reason for its longevity is the hyper flop Windows Vista. Windows Vista is something which Microsoft itself abandoned due to lots of issues associated with the OS. Where Windows Vista failed, Windows XP got a super popularity boost. Most Windows XP users never really cared to upgrade to Windows Vista seeing the issues in it.

Then the next possible reason why Windows XP stayed so long is that there are many applications developed to work on Windows XP. Those small businesses that depend on these custom applications cannot afford to develop a new one after upgrading to newer Windows versions.

No matter what the reasons be, Windows XP is dead and will stay that way. Windows 7 is the best OS to migrate to. Windows 7 help center highlights that the OS is not much different from Windows XP in many regards. Even there are Windows 7 help tutorials guiding you through the new features in the OS.