Guide To Adjust Laptop Touchpad for Windows 7

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Adjust laptop touch pad

Are you wondering how you can adjust the touch pad on a Windows 7 laptop? Then you will probably find this article interesting. Please read on!

As part of a laptop’s portability, laptops generally do not have a mouse. Most laptops have an in-built mouse known as a touch pad. As implied by the name, a touch pad operates by touch. It is a flat surface at the bottom of the keyboard and is very similar to the external mouse and has many of its features same as the external mouse. Adjusting the touch pad on a Windows 7 laptop is very similar to adjusting an external mouse on your desktop PC. Pointer speed and visibility are some of the settings that you can adjust. Given below are the instructions for adjusting the touch pad of your Windows 7 laptop.

  1. From the Start menu on your task bar, click Control Panel.
  2. In the search bar, type mouse. From the list, select Change Mouse Settings.
  3. From the top of the window, select Buttons tab.
  4. To adjust the speed with which the touchpad reacts to the double clicks, adjust the Speed slider in the double-click speed section. To increase the amount of time between each click to register as a double click, move the slider to the left. To increase it, move it to the right.
  5. From the top of the window, click the Pointer Options.
  6. To slow down or speed up the touch pad pointer, adjust the Select a Pointer Speed slider in the Motion section. To make the
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    Laptop touch pad setting adjustments

    touch pad pointer slower, move the slider to the left. To make it faster, move the slider to the right.

  7. To make your touch pad pointer more precise when the mouse moves slowly, select the box next to Enhance Pointer Precision.
  8. To hide the mouse pointer when you enter into a text field, select the box next to Hide Pointer while Typing.
  9. To save your changes, select Apply and then OK.

You can look for online Windows 7 help to find more setting adjustments. If you still have any doubts, you can always contact the Windows 7 help team. I hope that was all the information that you were looking for. Have a great day!