Learn how to turn on Windows 7 Compatibility Mode manually with Windows 7 Help and Support

Windows 7 Help, Windows 7 Compatibility

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Well, first of all, if you manually wish to turn on or run an application in “Compatibility Mode” on your Windows 7 computer, understand that you don’t necessarily have to hunt around for the same “Program Compatibility” wizard. Instead, all you need to do as the team with Windows 7 Help and Support points out is simply find the executable file , right click on it and then choose “Properties” from the resulting drop-down box of sub menus. You can then easily navigate to the “Compatibility” tab which will provide you with all of the options that can be found on the wizard, but in a handier and more contained location.

Following which, select the options and settings you wish to configure, then click on “Apply” and test the application. If you find that the same application is working perfectly fine, you can then click on “Ok” and complete your steps right here.

However, the Windows 7 help team also explains that even though the “Compatibility Mode” is for all its worth, a great feature, it certainly is no panaceas for chances are it might have its fair share of flaws and glitches. And as such, you might face difficulties with a few applications which might just not run on a Windows 7 computer.

So in light of such unwanted conditions, you can also make note of some of the automatic help and support features as discussed below.

Windows 7 Help, Windows 7 Compatibility

Windows 7 Help options

Windows 7 Program Compatibility Assistant

Now, while installing an application on your computer, if Windows 7 detects the same application to have a known compatibility issue or that it suspects the installation to have been not concluded successfully, it will pro-actively offer you with a fix to the problem. This functionality, which is also known as the “Program Compatibility Assistant”, occurs automatically, and it is completely your choice as to whether you wish to decline it or proceed with its troubleshooting guide and steps.

There is no way to trigger it manually. For like any good Samaritan, it will simply appear when needed.

Windows Virtual PC and XP Mode

The Windows 7 help team suggests that “Windows Virtual PC” is a software solution that provides a virtual machine environment in which guest operating systems, with their own applications and services can run separately and independently from the host environment, or physical PC.

“XP Mode” on the other hand provides a virtual version of Windows XP in which you can configure virtualized, XP-based applications to run side by side with your native Windows 7 applications.