Recovering a Windows 7 HP Notebook

When Microsoft released Windows 7, they had tried their level best to ensure that the OS doesn’t seem like a mere rectified version of Windows Vista. And yes, Microsoft did succeed. If Vista showed the world how impressive a GUI can get, Windows 7 proved how stable and user friendly an OS can be, however not compromising with the responsiveness and beauty of the interface. Windows 7, by offering a rare repository of exciting features and being more than efficient, has thus undoubtedly come to be the most sought after OS of the times.

Recovering a Windows 7 HP Notebook

As the Windows 7 help team says, Windows 7 can get along quite well with a variety of laptops and desktop PCs. However, notwithstanding the strengths of Windows 7, your PC may yield issues such as slowdowns and crashes, owing to the multiplicity of files stored and of course due to viral intrusions. When things start getting into your nerves, the best option would be to conduct a system recovery. When your PC is restored to its factory settings, quite surely all issues with it would be resolved. Here, we give you a comprehensive account on how to recover your Windows 7 HP notebook.

The Procedure

According to the Windows 7 help team, the following steps are in order for recovering your Windows 7 HP notebook:

  1. Commence the procedure by clicking on “Start” at the lower-left corner of your Windows 7 desktop, followed by “All Programs”.
  2. Select the option that reads “Recovery Manager”, followed by the same again, whereby the HP Recovery Manager program shall be launched.
  3. In the HP Recovery Manager window, click on the option “System Recovery” below “I need help immediately”. As the Windows 7 help team says, in case you’re asked to rely on Microsoft System Restore, choose “NO”.
  4. Specify whether you want to back up your personal files or not, and then choose “Next”.
  5. Click on “Next” again to initiate the recovery process.
  6. When a message appears notifying you that the process is complete and that you should restart your PC, you may click on “Finish”, whereby your Windows 7 HP notebook will boot up to its setup screen.

The above account would surely prove helpful in recovering your Windows 7 HP notebook.

In case any issues persist, feel free to get in touch with Windows 7 help.