Windows 7 help for dealing with access denial issues

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Access denied??

At time you might face access denial error while working with your Windows 7 operating system. If you are in such a situation, you don’t have to worry as access denial error is not one of the rarest of errors. Some of the files and folders in your computer are only meant to be opened by the administrators. So if you are not an administrator, you will be stopped from accessing the file and will get access denied error.

To improve the security, Microsoft has even blocked administrator access to certain folders. The only way to resolve this error is to provide yourself permission for accessing the file or folder. You can do this by going to properties and then navigating to the tab titled “Security”.

Keep in mind that we are dealing with two different things here, permission and ownership. By providing all permission to your account, you will be able to secure full control over a folder. But on certain occasions, only the owner can assign permission of different users. Read through this article to know the procedure to change ownership.

Windows 7 help instructions for changing Ownership

  1. In order to change ownership, right click on any file or folder, click on properties from the given menu, go to the tab tilted “Security” and click the button labeled “Advanced”.
  2. After that go to the tab tilted “Owner”.
  3. Hit the button labeled “Edit”.
  4. Choose the new owner and hit the “Ok” button.

Windows 7 help instructions for changing permission

If in case you are an administrator and were not able to access a folder, might be probably due to permission error. For getting complete permission to yourself, right-click on the folder or file, select “Properties” from the given menu, go to the tab titled “Security” and hit the button labeled “Edit”.

Windows 7 Help

Access Gained.

Choose your username/account and mark the checkbox which says “Full Control” and hit the “Ok” button. If you mark the checkbox the remaining ones will automatically checked.

That’s all with the Windows 7 help instructions for dealing with access denial errors. If you are still facing the same problems with permission and ownership, don’t hesitate to contact a technical support person for further assistance. Have a good day!