Windows 7 help for regarding its preinstalled support tools

Windows 7 an extremely popular operating system with a user friendly interface.  It’s not the user interface alone that made this operating system a huge success but also the availability of support tool for dealing with various issues. Here in this article you can find information given by the Windows 7 help team about some important support tools available in the OS.

Disk defragmenter and Disk Cleanup

Disk defragmenter and Disk Cleanup utilities are included in Windows 7 for improving its performance. These utilities have the ability to free up space in your hard drive which in the end will speed up your PC. It doses that by removing and rearranging the files on your system. The Cleanup utility scan your computer for locating temporary files and then deletes them, it also compress the old files. As the name suggests, the disk defragmenter, if initiated, will look out for defragmented files and organize them in a way to optimize the use of disk space. By re-organizing the files, the processes associated with those files will be able to run much faster.


If you are encountered with serious problems like system crash, the last thing you want to happen is the loss of your valuable data. Here comes the importance of the backup feature. Files which are backed can be resorted as and when you wish. It’s recommended by the Windows 7 help team to back up your files in an external storage media so that even if your computer crashes your data will remain safe.

Problem steps recorder

While contacting a technical support person for getting advanced help, you may find it difficult to explain to him/her the exact occurrence of the event or problem. This is exactly the point where Problem Steps Recorder comes to your rescue. If activated, it will keep a record of all the commands entered by you along with complete screen shots.

Action Center

Action Center allows users to easily manage Windows updates, problems related to drivers, and other troubleshooting issues. It provides you will notifications where ever there is a security threat or availability of important patches that needs to be installed.

That’s all with the information provided by the Windows 7 help team regarding the preinstalled support tools of the operating system.