Windows 7 help to change battery charging settings on Windows 7 laptop

How long does your laptop hold charge? Does it bother you often going off charge right when you are into some serious work and not in situation to keep it for charging? If you didn’t know, there are ways by which you can breathe a new life into your laptop giving a high battery capacity for it. To help you from missing important shots, the laptop runtimes can be maximized to stand even longer than what you saw till now in your Windows 7 laptop.

If you are into the habit of spending plenty of time in front of your laptop at home or office, it is essential to tweak the battery charging management and power consumption settings of it for a healthier battery life. If you think that your laptop is gulping in energy and not saving it fairly, you must stop your Windows 7 laptop running out of juice at critical situations by changing its battery and power settings. The Windows 7 help team says you can do this by changing the laptop’s power plan from the battery meter icon on the desktop’s toolbar.

Windows 7 help instructions to change battery settings

  • In the notification area on the right-hand side of the computer’s desktop taskbar, click on the battery meter icon to launch the battery and power plan options dialog box.
  • At the top of the dialog box, find the battery status display.  This status display shows the charge remaining in the laptop battery. It also indicates whether or not the battery is plugged into a power supply and charging currently.
  • Check the check box next to the power plan option, which best suits your current activities. If the laptop is connected to an external power supply and if the battery is charging, select “High Performance“.
  • If you don’t need to save power and want Windows 7 to optimize the laptop’s power settings, choose “Balanced“. If you need to run the laptop on only battery power for a long time, select “Power Saver“.
  • To exit the battery and power plan options dialog box, click anywhere on the desktop screen.

So that’s the simple Windows 7 help instructions to change battery charging settings on your Windows 7 laptop.