Windows 7 help to prevent Windows 7 firewall from locking up

As you all already know, Windows Firewall happens to be a software component of Microsoft Windows that is able to provide firewalling and packet filtering functions. It first found inclusion in Windows XP and Windows server 2003. Before the launch of Windows XP Service Pack 2 in 2004, it was commonly referred to as Internet Connection Firewall


Windows 7 operating system is now endowed with a number of advanced technologies and features. This happens to be the newest operating system from the Windows series and succeeds the Windows Vista operating system. Windows 7 is said to offer plenty of security features like Windows Firewall, Automatic Updates etc in order to keep our Windows 7 system clean and fairly safe. Windows Firewall helps to keep the system safe from various threats especially viruses and worms.

What makes Windows 7 Firewall getting Locked Up

You may have faced situations wherein the firewall in Windows 7 freezes or keeps getting locked up. Numerous reasons are responsible for the freezing or locking up of firewall. Any third party security installed in the system is likely to be the culprit even antivirus software or personal firewall installed in your Windows 7 computer is likely to cause conflicts with Windows Firewall. This leads to freezing. In addition to that, the presence of malicious programs like worms, viruses and Trojans are also found to disable Firewall and results in frequent freezing/locking.

How to combat this problem

More often than not, the reason behind firewall getting locked up is owing to the presence of infections like Trojans, viruses as well as other malwares. Such malicious codes are well able to damage as well as seriously disable Firewall that ultimately results in issues like freezing/locking, crashing etc. it is possible to remove such infections by performing a complete virus scan. A number of utilities are now widely available in the market in order to have such infections removed.

That should be all the assistance you need in order to prevent Windows 7 firewall from locking up with Windows 7 help. Feel free to contact the Windows 7 help center if you need further technical assistance. Also visit the Windows 7 help center should you feel that the information contained in this article does not suffice. Thank you for your time. Take care and have a nice day.