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Windows 7 is undoubtedly the most popular OS in the world today. Aside from the popularity, it is also genuinely reliable, more so than the operating Systems from Microsoft. It is the most highly used Operating System across the globe as per W3C OS Platform Statistics of 2011. Windows 7 has been designed with the aim of offering the best possible performance, captivating User Interface, and self-diagnosis at user end. Even after all this, there are still many users who are facing technical issues with it. In most cases, Windows 7 PC starts up very slowly, even if the computer has the latest and best hardware configuration. So, in case you are facing this problem then you can follow the Windows 7 help steps mentioned in this article to resolve it.

(If you are a new user and don’t understand the technical steps mentioned here, then take help of official Microsoft Windows 7 help and support website.)

Indentify the exact issue

1. At first, Start the computer and check your watch to observe how many minutes will computer take to load to desktop after pressing the power button.

2. The check the time taken between the first view of your desktop screen and being computer idle with all startup proceedings.

Carefully inspect the Computer Startup

There are numerous applications that are launched at computer startup, which results into the slow start up issue. Now, you can have a look at the icons in the “System Tray” to check how many applications are being loaded with the Windows startup. You can follow the steps below to have a detailed look about them,

1. You need to go to the “Start” and then enter ‘msconfig’ in the search box.

2. Then, you need to right click on the “MSCOFIG” option and select “Run as Administrator”. Then, you need to login as Administrator user (if necessary).

3. Subsequently, you can click on the “Startup” tab in “System Configuration Utility”. This will show all the files, applications, and drivers that are loading on your system startup.

Corrupt Profile

Windows 7 Help Issue

4. Then you please leave the items from Microsoft, your computer company brand (HP, Acer, Dell, Sony, etc.) etc. If you are not having complete information about these items then you better help of Microsoft Windows 7 Support instead of taking the risk of any hit & trial method.

5. You can uncheck all the unnecessary items in. But, be careful not to uncheck any unknown item as it might be needed.

6. Then, you need to click on the “Apply” button and then click on the “OK” button.

7. Finally, you need to restart the computer to check whether the changes have taken effect.

This should boost your system’s performance. But, if still your PC is slow, you may take help from a technician or post your problem in the official Microsoft website.