Microsoft To Release IE 10 For Windows 7 Platforms

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Internet Explorer has suffered a sizable drop in the number of its users during the last few years. The emergence of advanced web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and a few other browsers has resulted in the drop of users for IE.

However, recent reports indicate that IE is to make a comeback, targeting its lost users. IE 10, although not new, as it has been there in the Windows 8 platform for the last several months, is set to be launched on the Windows 7 platform too. The launching of IE 10 will no doubt attract a great number of customers who switched to other browsers, owing to the traditional interface features of the previous IE versions.

According to reports from sources, Microsoft has incorporated advanced web features with its latest IE 10 for Windows 7. Although the company hasn’t officially announced the release of IE 10 for Windows 7 platform, and any Windows 7 help for its sake, news from reliable sources indicates that the release will be soon.

IE 10 in Windows 8 platform has already been a success. Windows 7 users across the world hope that IE 10 in Windows 7 will resemble that in Window 8 when compared for features and other advance utilities, plus Windows 7 help.

Being a Windows 7 user, you do not have to worry about downloading IE 10 if you are currently using the previous IE 9 version. Microsoft has incorporated the automatic update feature with IE 10. However, if you wish to continue using IE 9, or the previous versions of IE, you can do so by downloading the IE 10 Automatic Update Blocker Toolkit. Microsoft has introduced this update blocker feature targeting business firms and offices users who do not want to update to IE 10.

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Although IE 10 is widely regarded as one of the finest web browsers, there are concerns among experts on how Microsoft is planning to make felt it even more among the internet users.

Currently, a remarkable number of web developers and internet users who are on the Windows 8 platform are well aware of the advanced features of IE 10. Still, a sizable portion of internet users are inclined to use the older version of IE 6, which is “rotten”, as per the opinion of a few tech experts. Microsoft’s next task will be to introduce the advanced features of IE 10, which can cater for the current web standers, to the users of older IE versions like IE 6.