Steps To Create A Restore Point In Windows 7

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Restore points can be defined as the snapshots of the computer’s configuration, taken at different points of time. This is usually a part of the system restoration process, which is done to revert the computer’s state to one at a previous point of time. This feature, developed by Microsoft, is helpful in case of system malfunctions or other related issues that affect the computer. This technology also comes in handy when a computer problem occurs, and you cannot resolve it. If a restore point exists, you can run the System Restore utility. This feature in Windows 7 would restore the computer to an earlier state, and would help the user to resolve the issues related with the computer. Usually before installing new programs, Windows saves the restore points.

Windows 7 help provides ample assistance with the creation of restore points in the computer. However, you can also create it manually. You can follow these simple steps to create a restore point before seeking assistance from technical support.

  • In the first step, click the Windows Start button. Once you click the button, you would see the Start menu being opened. Now, you need to right-click the Computer icon to display a drop-down menu.

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  • The drop-down menu would provide you a list of options to select. Now, select the Properties option to open a window. You would be able to see a list that shows your computer’s properties. At any point of time, you can also contact Windows 7 help to seek assistance with the creation of restore points, and get more information on the system restoration issues.
  • In the next step, locate the System Protection link on the left side of the window. After that, select the option. Now, you may get a pop up message asking you for a password. If the Windows operating system prompts you for a password or confirmation, enter your administrator password. After you enter it, click the Continue option as confirmation.
  • In the following step, select the Create button. Again, you would get a pop-up window that would prompt you for a short description. Now, enter text that might help you to identify the restore point later.
  • In the final step, click the Restore option and wait until Windows creates the restore point.

In this way, you can try these steps to create the restore points in the system. To know more about system restoration, check Microsoft’s official website.